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Engineering Services
Specializing in Civil, Water Resources and Environmental


Land Development

Flood Hazard Urban Drainage

Municipal Infrastructure


Company Profile
About Us

Founded in 2000, the team at Greck and Associates Limited (Greck) brings years of engineering experience to a diverse array of public and private sector clientele.  We specialize in Civil, Water Resources and Environmental engineering services, and the unique relationships between them.  Our robust understanding of regulatory policy, design, construction, and a focus on utilizing core engineering principals founded on science-based solutions, makes us proud to be relied upon by developers, planners, architects, builders, NGO’s, municipalities, and regulatory agencies. 

Having consulted on hundreds of projects and studies, Greck’s vision has always been to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and partners through the provision of modern, innovative solutions, exceptional service, collaboration, and delivering a high-quality product on time and on budget.  Our dedication to this vision has directly attributed to the consistent growth the company has experienced since our inception. 

Today, Greck is a sought-after and highly regarded engineering firm in Ontario.  Our commitment to staff training, investment in resources to produce state-of-the-art technical products, and ability to see through a multi-service lens, allows us to envision challenges before they become a barrier.  We’re constantly learning and adapting with the changes in our industry, while deploying our passion for designing, protecting and maintaining communities on every project we undertake. 



5770 Highway 7

Woodbridge, ON  L4L 1T8

Tel: 289-657-9797

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