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Goodman Creek Pond Restoration


Goodman Creek, a tributary of Oshawa Creek, has a designated flood vulnerable area located between King Street West and Stevenson Road South.  To control flood risks, and the potential impacts of increased flow from existing and future urban development, the City of Oshawa constructed the Goodman Creek Stormwater Management Detention Pond.   Residents located downstream of the pond however, have recently expressed their concerns of flooding in their backyards.


Greck was retained by the City of Oshawa to determine the reasons for the nuisance flooding and to assess the feasibility of providing a greater level of flood control.  This study specifically focused on assessing the potential for providing flood control for the more frequent storm events by retrofitting the existing Goodman Creek Stormwater Management Pond while maintaining the existing level of flood control for major events.

The study identified that pond retrofit would provide limited improvements to current nuisance flooding problems and a higher level flood relief was best obtained through implementation of channel improvements.

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